Smart Hangars RDU Campus

Located at the northeast corner of RDU, this private hangar campus offers a unique opportunity for you to establish your private hangar base at the most desirable location at the airport.

The 47 acre campus can facilitate a range of aircraft operations and is designed to offer the highest level of convenience, privacy and security, to enable you to get the most out of your aircraft and operations.

This is a truly unique opportunity to secure the most desirable private hangar space at RDU and acquire a valuable investment of prime real estate for years to come.

Phase One

While the entire Smart Hangars complex is dedicated to customized private hangars, phase one is entirely Built to Suit and is aimed at offering solutions to companies with larger aircraft and unique specifications.

These Hangar Bases can be designed to accommodate requirements such as private terminals, loading docks, large-scale administration areas and more.

This beachfront property offers easy access with the shortest wait times possible making the ideal location for operations with frequent departures and demanding schedules.

Leasing Information

Margaret Martin
Director Leasing Division
Phone: 919 737.2000

Optimize Your Operations

Customize your hangar to optimize its operations and get the most out of one of your most valuable assets, your aircraft.

Whether its additional administrative space to increase productivity, a luxurious lounge to enhance the passengers experience or a dedicated maintenance area offering the ultimate level of security and safety, wecan make it happen.

Our design team will work with you and take your operational needs into consideration to develop the optimal hangar solution that will serve you for many years to come. This is your Home Base Hangar.

Options & Specifications


  • Epoxy Floors – sloped to internal drains
  • Design load to accommodate  ADG III
  • Large Fans 1 Fan per 14,000 SF +/- min
  • Thermostat controlled cross ceiling ventilation
  • Natural gas fired radiant heat
  • Batt insulated walls R-13 + R-13 ci
  • White vinyl faced  R-19 + R-11 LS ceiling insulation
  • GPU wall outlets at 80’ O.C. +/-
  • 28′ Hangar door with Hydraulic lift up to 150′ wide
  •  Smart Railed System motorized doors over 150′

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

RDU Runway & Approach Info

Runway Weight Capability (lbs.)


Spanning over 47 acres, the Smart Hangars campus at RDU is situated in the most desirable location at RDU and capable of accommodating a wide range of hangar and aircraft related business options.

With a secured private entrance that’s easily accessible, the campus enables quick and convenient access, while maintaining the highest degree of privacy and security.

The Smart Hangars campus is optimally positioned at the north-east end of the airport providing tenants with unparalleled access to the runway resulting in reduced wait times.

Raleigh & Durham

Raleigh, along with Chapel Hill and Durham make up the area referred to as The Research Triangle, which is known for its universities and thriving hi-tech business sector.

With extremely low corporate taxes and business incentives, it’s ideal area for large and small business alike, and consistently ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

With plenty of business opportunities, affordable housing and a plentiful workforce of skilled labor, Raleigh and Durham show promising long term potential across the board.


Growing Business Sectors

The Research Triangle area offers an attractive business climate and robust technical infrastructure, this has led to a steady growth in the following sectors:

  • Aviation, aerospace, and defense

  • Technology

  • Cleantech solutions

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Life science and medical technology


Air Capital Group

With over 45 years of experience in the aviation industry, we have a firm understanding of its unique complex financial inter workings.

Providing financing solutions customized around your specific project and goals to help create new opportunities and maximize your aviation business potencial.

From purchases and refinances, to construction and development, our team is here to help make your dreams a reality.

Western LLC

At Western our focus is anything but industry standard. We want to help you, solve problems, build deep lasting relationships, create beauty and functionality, and make you happy.

We start with elite design, construction, interior and landscape teams, and then provided you with your own representative to ensure you get the final product you envisioned.

We aim to fix things and are tackling the construction and development world the Western way-with Values, Spirit, and Common Sense.

Leasing Information

Margaret Martin
Director Leasing Division
Phone: 919 737.2000

Project Development

Charles Precht
Director of Operations