The Next Level of Private Hangars

Raleigh-Durham • Pre-Leasing Now

  • Custom Hangar Suites
  • Built to Suit Hangar Bases
  • Multi-use property
  • Private and Secure Campus
  • Phase 1 Frontage Property
  • 25 Year Lease Available

Unparalleled Exclusivity

The Ultimate Hangar Solution

Up until now, aircraft operations were confined to common use hangars and subjected by the limitations and many challenges that come along with them.

Now, there’s a SMARTER option available.

Smart Hangars at RDU offers the freedom and ability to create a flight department and management environment that’s custom tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Complete Privacy

All the benefits of anonymity. Keep your flight planning information confidential and your business affairs private.

Safety & Security

Prewired for the latest Smart Technology. Rest assured you have the highest degree of security and monitoring available.

The Sky's the Limit

Customize Your Space

Custom Interior

Optimize to Fit Your Specific Needs

Turn downtime at the airport, into productive time for your flight crew and team… or, simply take some time to relax pre or post flight. Enjoy the freedom and control that comes with a private hangar suite.

Your SMART HANGAR is a blank canvas, allowing you to customize the space for your specific needs, giving your the ability to optimize your operations and enhance your flight experience.

Our engineering and design professionals will work with you to create the ultimate hangar solution for your aircraft and your unique business requirements.

  • Space for Multiple Vehicles
  • Offices/Flight Planning/Meeting room
  • Lounge and Relaxation Area
  • Gym / Fitness area
  • Crew Quarters, Showers, Kitchen
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Detailing
  • A Putting Green… The SKY’s the Limit.  

The Sky's the Limit

Customize Your Space

Total Control

Unparalleled Exclusivity

There’s nothing like operating how and when you want, and SMART HANGARS™ give you the professional environment and highest degree of control over your flight operations.

Designed to fit your needs, this is more than just a hangar for your aircraft, this is the SMART way to get the most out of it.

First Phase Now Leasing

Call for More Information: 919.737.2000

Phase One

Phase one offers a unique opportunity to secure a long term lease on the most desirable area of the SMART HANGERS complex.

This valuable frontage property allows for the greatest degree of convenience and is perfect for large or multi aircraft use.

100% Built to suite. Whether you need a custom hangar suite tailored for your company jet and the crew’s needs, or a  hangar base built to optimize your cargo or charter operations, rest assured that we can accommodate whatever your operation requires.

  • Corporate – Home Base Hangar
  • Private Terminal Charter Service
  • Cargo/Air Freight
  • Multi Aircraft Facility
  • Aircraft Repair & Maintenance
  • Heliport & Mixed Use